FLOWERS PATTERN – Embossing wooden rolling pin

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FLOWERS PATTERN – Embossing wooden rolling pin

Experience More Joy and Happiness in Your Kitchen!

Create a beautiful and unique FLOWERS PATTERN on your cookies and pies with engraved rolling pin.
This is a perfect gift for any occasions like wedding, Christmas, or just for fun. It's a great gift not only for Kitchen gadgets fans.

You can easily and effortlessly decorate your cookies or any pastries using this embossing eco-friendly wooden rolling pin.

The pins are 42 cm (16.5") long with handles and 5.5 cm (2,2") diameter.
Our rolling pins are made from natural beech wood.

You can also use our rolling pin to decorate sugar paste, playdough and other malleable materials.

Great gift for all occasions!

Made in UK.
Wood's Good - Engraved rolling pins with ANY pattern!

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